5 reasons how Technology is making us Socially Incompetent

700 friends on Facebook, 300 followers on Instagram & another 100s of connections on LinkedIn, yet struggling to reach out and share your thoughts with a group of people ? Does group-discussion merely exist as a recruitment routine and cease to exist in our day to day life.  Lets have a quick look on how Technology has changed the way we communicate.

Not asking questions

With answers easily available on the internet, we tend to avoid asking questions and involving in conversations. The very fact that the answer to your query could be sought from more trusted resources also makes you skeptical about the person’s knowledge you are communicating with. This behavior can be seen right from classrooms to Organization Board rooms.

Increasing influence of video games

Outdoor games play a very important role in shaping an individual from a passionate team player to a respectable leader. The values of working together towards a common goal are harnessed with these games and these seem to be dying with growing influence of video games, PSPs and other mobile games on the young generation.

Social media Friends

Striking a conversation through social media seems to be the way to go these days as people have found a way to refrain from the social awkwardness while striking a conversation with a new person. There are instances where people are connected on social media accounts and stay as mere acquaintances for forever but never communicate.

Online Messengers

Online messengers have made communication easy but there are several instances where the communications turn to miscommunications. Expressing feelings through graphical smileys has taken over from meaningful words. This often makes an individual inexpressive while addressing a group of people or communicating the correct emotions while speaking to any person.

Pseudo Social gatherings

Social gatherings or meeting friends involves clicking photos more than sharing thoughts and ideas. A lot of time is spent on looking perfect with an appropriate hashtag. #LIT. This ensures the pseudo social image created on the social media platforms is kept up to date however the gatherings turn to photo and blabbering sessions. Such gatherings with friends who can be considered as the easiest people to share and communicate are rendered ineffective. You ultimately go home with more questions than answers.

“Had a great time with you guys” has been replaced by “Please upload the pictures”


“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Albert Einstein



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